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Ooma Home Security Review 2019

With over 2 million home burglaries reported each year in the United States, investing in a home security system is one of the best ways you can protect your family and household at all times. According to the FBI, burglary is the most common threat to a home in the U.S. and it occurs every 13 seconds. The good news is, a proper home security system can deter up to 60% of potential burglars. That is why reviewing a home security system before you make a purchase is so important. Here is the Ooma Home Security Review for 2019.


Ooma Home Security is becoming an increasingly popular brand security brand. For $130, the Ooma Home Security Starter Kit offers what most other home security kits offer their customers. This includes the basic functions of monitoring your house, a mobile app interface and access to local emergency services. For additional fees, Ooma Home Security offers accessories that include smoke detectors, motion sensors, a streaming-video camera and a siren.

DIY Security System

DIY home security systems are popular for the customization and convenience of self-installation. Although Ooma is not the most difficult security system to install, it’s also not the simplest. Even if it’s not entirely tricky, it is recommended that you are familiar with installing home security equipment prior to installation, at least to some extent.

Ooma started as a VoIP service so their home security works a bit different than other DIY security systems that they are competing with. Due to their background in VoIP, the Ooma Home Security hub is its Telo VoIP hub as well. The Telo offers friendly voice prompts every time there is a status change such as movement detected by a motion sensor. This VoIP service also doesn’t require a standard monitoring fee in order to take advantage of the system’s features.

Professional Monitoring

One of the biggest flaws with the Ooma Home Security system is their lack of a professional monitoring option. Although not traditionally expected with DIY home security, the option for professional monitoring is becoming much more common among DIY security devices because of the the obvious benefits it offers. Although Ooma does not offer any option to add professional monitoring to your system, they have recently included a feature to remotely dial 911 in case of an emergency. This feature does however require a monthly subscription.


While the convenience of monitoring right from your smartphone is great, a team of professionals with a direct connection to the local authorities that ensure your home’s safety 24/7 simply can’t be matched by an app. Not to mention, nearly every home security company today offers the options for self-monitoring through a mobile app. No matter what you are doing – in an important meeting or simply at the movie theater – it’s nice to know there are professionals dedicated to your home’s security so you aren’t responsible for monitoring through your phone.

Bottom Line

The Ooma Home Security System Starter Kit is fairly priced for what you are receiving. If you are interested in simply checking in on a few things at your home from time to time, this system may be exactly what you need. If you think you may ever have the intention of expanding your home security system at any point however – especially with professional monitoring – Ooma Home Security may not be what you are looking for.

If you’re interested in finding the most efficient method to protect your home, contact Protect America today for an obligation-free quote. A professionally monitored system, with an installation process that’s as easy as peal-and-stick, Protect America has been an industry leader for over 26 years. Let the professionals ensure your security so you can ensure peace of mind.

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